Wednesday, December 16, 2009

President's Message

At the December meeting, the annual election of officers was held as required. Oatmeal Graham, Shawn Murphy, and Kerry Jorgensen were retained as directors. Judy Pearson chose to not run for director but is willing to continue as assistant secretary as authorized in the by-laws. The board decided to retain the position and David Lazorik was elected to fill it. At the January meeting, the board will select the officers for the coming year.
Collin Hudson, a young man from Selah who is working to become an Eagle Scout, has taken on a pheasant habitat improvement project at the shooting park. He will be installing a drip irrigation system in the draw below the pond where he will also plant shrubs and berries pheasant need for food and cover, but only after topsoil is brought in. Work will begin in earnest in the spring.
I'm working with Larry Morris, the owner of the company who mined the shot at the park, to consign a ton of shot to us. It will be cleaned, graphited, and packaged in 25 pound bags. Sizes will be 7-1/2, 8, and 9. Larry assures me their shot is sized accurately, but what I don't know at this time is the price because we don't know the cost of transporting it from Lincoln City, Oregon, to the park. I can tell you this: It will be significantly less than the price I recently saw at a discount store here in Yakima.
Jim Pearson, president, SVSP

Saturday, November 28, 2009

President's Message

One-KA & 4-Wheeler

Rangemaster Joe shows off his new 4-wheeler.

Three years ago, Sun Valley had no money to pay its bills and the park looked terrible. Then along came IKA and look at the difference. IKA stands for $1,000 per year voluntary membership, and we just had a new addition to the rolls--Don Higgins. Don took his membership through Combined Federal Contributions along with Bob Rains, Tom Oxford, Matt Guderjohn, Steve Kruger, George Holman, Dale Tadewald, Jim Reddick, and Casey Peterson. We now have 26 names on the boards in the clubhouse, and I'm hoping we can add to that. Remember, if you can't afford a $1,000 contribution, you may become a member of the group for $250 or multiples of that figure. I'm the guy who keeps up the board, so if you get your contribution directly to me, I'll be certain to keep the numbers posted correctly on the board. Dr. Mike Murphy just gave another thousand, and that isn't all. He also gave Rangemaster Joe a Kawasaki 400 4-wheeler in pristine condition. Joe's old 4-wheeler finally gave up the ghost, and no other vehicle serves the rangemaster so well as a 4-wheeler. John Iasella originally gave the 4-wheeler to Dr. Mike, and I wanted a photo of both of them along with Rangemaster Joe for this blog, but I couldn't get them together by deadline time. I will make my IKA contribution before the first of the year. Why not join Dr. Mike and me?


We used some of the Pheasants Forever donation to purchase a disc, and Rangemaster Joe has used it to lay a crooked track through the cover you can see on your left as you enter the park. The bare earth left by the disc helps produce insects vital for survival of pheasant chicks. Joe is also deepening the pond area, and we hope to spread bentonite on the bottom to prevent water loss before filling it next spring. Any idea where we can get some bentonite? We also need a dump truck to haul it to the site. Colin Hudson, who is working on his Eagle Scout certification, will help with the project, piping water to the draw below the pond and planting vegetation pheasants like.

Christmas Decorations

If you have surplus Christmas decorations, give them to Holly and she will decorate the clubhouse.


While you're in the clubhouse, have a look at the framed mallard duck print Gary Fairbanks donated for the raffle. Other prizes are a Remington 700 VTR in .204 Ruger. It's a varmint rifle with a triangular-shaped barrel and a muzzle brake. The other prize is a Remington 870 youth model 20 gauge with a shortened stock. Oatmeal Graham who runs the gun counter at Hammer's Sporting Goods will soon have the firearms in. Rodger Lamb has again consented to be chairman of the raflle sales where our big push will be at the Yakima outdoor show in February. If want to help Rodger, give him a call at 697-6687. If you know of another place to sell the tickets, tell him.

Membership Meeting, Elections

Election of three directors whose terms are expiring will be held at the December 8 at Shari's Restaurant in Union Gap. The meeting will begin at 6:30, but you may show up any time after 6:00 if you wish to eat. All attendees need to order something. A by-laws change is among the orders of business, but it won't take long. Directors up for reelection to 3-year terms are Oatmeal Graham, Shawn Murphy, and Kerry Jorgensen. The directors will then select officers: President, Vice-president, 2nd Vice president, secretary, and treasurer. If the 1991 by-laws are reinstated, and I hope they will be, the president may appoint a secretary or treasurer who are not directors.


Mike Iasella and I, as well as any other directors who are available, will meet with county officials December 2 to discuss various subjects prior to the shooting park being granted a new 20-year lease. Some grants will not give money to organizations having less that ten years access to the property.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

President's message

Raffle: Rodger Lamb has agreed to chair the raffle sales team again this year, so if you are interested in helping, call him at 697-6687. I'm assuming we will again be offered booth space at the Yakima Outdoor Show in February, but Rodger has ideas beyond that. Call me at 480-9199 if you have suggestions for raffle prizes, and I will post photos of them on the blog once they have been purchased.
Election of Directors: Sun Valley Shooting Park directors will be elected at the December 8 meeting. General membership elects the directors, and the directors elect officers. The 3-year terms of Kerry Jorgensen, Shawn Murphy, and Mike Graham (Oatmeal) will end, and I have no idea at this time whether they will consent to run again. The meeting will be held at Shari's Restaurant in Union Gap at 6:30, and all attendees need to order something even if it is coffee or a soft drink.
Rangemaster Bonuses: Last month, the board of directors agreed to give Rangemaster Joe a bonus of $300. Previously, he was granted a bonus of $100. The bonuses were granted because the board is pleased with the service of the Suttons and because we have the funding available to afford it. As per direction from the board, the rangemaster's monthly wage will be reviewed in May of 2010.
November General Meeting: The November 10 general meeting will also be held at Shari's at 6:30, and several of us come an hour early and have something to eat before meeting time. All members are welcome, of course. We have no crises to discuss, but several interesting items are on the agenda.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

President's Message

MONTHLY MEETING: The October meeting will be held at Shari's Restaurant on Valley Mall Boulevard beginning at 6:30 on the 13th. Several of us come early to eat, and all attendees must order something. Everyone is invited, but a short Executive session will follow the regular meeting, and directors only may attend that session.

SHOT MINING: You probably saw the article about shot mining in the Herald-Republic. The project is complete, and nearly 100,000 pounds of lead were recovered. Once the smelting is complete, Sun Valley will receive $12,500 for its share, and the board of directors has voted to put the entire sum into an emergency fund.

GROUPS USE SHOOTING PARK: Several groups are meeting at the park annually, and on September 26, two groups used it at the same time. Biathloners used the area near the long range on the west side to set up a running course and to shoot .22 rifles. At the same time, Pheasants Forever used the western area for a kids' pheasant shoot. They pushed the wild pheasants out of the area first, and then the planted pheasants for the kids. They left approximately 20 pen-raised birds in the hope they will join their wild cousins and learn some survival skills. Pheasants forever also left 2 large sacks of grain to feed the birds.

FERTILIZER DONATION: Steve Laws of Crop Production Services in Toppenish donated approximately 1000 pounds of fertilizer and other chemicals to spread on several acres of lawn prior to winter. Thanks, Steve, for the generous donation and for bringing a large compressor to the park to blow the water lines before freeze up. Steve has also promised us Roundup, 2-4-D and other such chemicals at or below his cost.

MEMBERSHIP: Holly Sutton tells me Sun Valley's paid membership stands at well over 200 with more than 100 coming due within the next two months. Presuming most of those renew, my goal of 400 paid memberships may be possible within the next couple of years.

DISC NEEDED: We badly need a disc that will attach to our tractor for plowing the perimeter of the park as a fire break. The late Leon Edmondson used to provide that disc, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact his widow, Paula, to see about purchasing the disc. If any of you see Paula, please ask her to give me a call. Or, if you know where a used disc might be purchased, tell me about that, too.

MEETING WITH DEPT. OF ECOLOGY AND COUNTY OFFICIALS: I will meet with members of the Dept. of Ecology as well as other county officials on October 12 at the park. I don't know what we will be talking about, but I hope all this will lead to the renewal of a twenty-year lease on the property which will make us eligible for grants from Pittman-Robertson funds next year. All other directors are invited to that meeting, of course.

DEEPENING AND LINING POND: As soon as the pond area is deepened, we will begin looking or Bentonite or other naturals materials to line the bottom helping to prevent water loss through absorption. Without the lining, the pond goes dry in three days. Working with Pheasants Forever, we also plan to pipe water into the draw below the pond to increase bird habitat.

COIN OPERATED SKEET AND TRAP: Clay Targets Chairman Mike Iasella is going ahead with plans to install coin-operated mechanisms for trap and skeet. Mike is on the east coast right now and will miss the October meeting, but we will look forward to a report at the November meeting.

CLOSING TIME: Joe and Holly are locking the clubhouse and will be unavailable after 5:00 PM. Shooters may continue to shoot, and Joe will lock the gate after their departure.

PALLETS OF CARDBOARD: We have nine pallets of cardboard in Selah waiting to be hauled to the range. Joe hauled one pallet in his pickup, but it was too much since it weighted approximately a ton. Does a member have a flatbed truck or low trailer that could be used to haul the pallets? The cardboard is used for target backing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

President's Report

Pat and Steve Koenig said it best at the last meeting when they remarked how nice it is to have money in the bank and to not have to worry about paying bills. It hasn't always been that way. That isn't to say officers or board members are claiming the crisis is over. We don't know that, but we should have a better reading by May of 2010. Membership and participation continues to increase as more and more people discover the park exists. Groups are also using the range on a regular basis. For example, a biathlon group will have the 300 yard area for running and shooting of .22 rifles on September 26. Members needing to use that range should plan to do their shooting later in the afternoon.

I think I can speak for all board members when I say how pleased we are with the services of Rangemaster Joe and his wife Holly. She's the lady who greets you when you come in the clubhouse. Their son, Joey, a special needs student, is enrolled in East Valley Schools, and he is picked up at the caretaker's house each morning and delivered back home in the afternoon.

Mike Iasella, who is in charge of clay targets, is going ahead with plans to install token operated target counters for the skeet and trap ranges. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it's something like this: You pay for a round of trap or skeet, get a token that you drop in the machine and you have 27 birds coming. Clubs that have installed target counters report they work great and are real target savers.

Sun Valley Shooting Park donated 12 free range passes to Yakima Ducks Unlimited and to the upcoming Friends of NRA fundraiser. Some have been made for CCA and the park will do the same for any other shooting or fishing fundraiser held here in Yakima. We do ask that they not be "bundled" and auctioned or raffled off. That could conceivably cost us a membership. If you need some certificates for your fundraiser, call 480-9199.
Jim Pearson

Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever recently donated $2000 to the park with no strings attached. However, the money will be used, directly or indirectly, to enhance bird habitat. Now that it is dry, the pond bottom needs to be lined so it will hold water, and a drip system will lead from the pond to the draw below it to provide water to plants such as golden currants, elderberries and chokecherries. On the 26th of September, PF will plant some pheasants for a kids' shoot, but first they will take their dogs through to flush all wild birds out of the area. The birds will be back that night because that's where the food, water and cover is.

Kids and Grandkids

Our membership includes family--spouse, children and grandchildren younger than 18 included. Grandchildren were recently added to the rolls due to several requests from grandpas who wanted to teach their grandchildren to shoot.


The plaques with IKA ($1000 annual membership) names and amounts are posted in the clubhouse again. All members are asked to review the correctness of the figures and let Jim Pearson know about any errors. The program began three years ago, and without it the park would probably not have survived.

Cartridge Cases

Rangemaster Joe has reloadable brass for sale. If you're interested, tell him what you need. He has a large supply of 40 S&W and is probably willing to make someone a good deal on that caliber.

Lead Recovery

What's all that equipment doing out there in front of the trap and skeet range, you ask? It's Environmental Recovery Services mining lead shot, and paying the shooting park to do so. The Board, at our last meeting, voted to put all the money into a reserve fund to cover unforeseen expenses. We get our money once ERS has delivered the lead to the smelter and it has been reclaimed--approximately five weeks from now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Meeting August 11

The monthly meeting of Sun Valley Shooting Park will be held at 6:30 PM August 11 at Shari's on Valley Mall Boulevard in Union Gap. Several people come early and have dinner. Everyone is welcome, but remember, you must order something. That's the room rent we pay.

Duck Tower

Rod Robert, owner of Cascade Wind Machines, visited the range recently preparing to install a 30 foot duck tower on the 5-Stand Clays range. Work will begin soon.

Rabbit Targets

Rabbit targets are now available on the 5-Stand range. They are shotgun targets that roll along the ground.

Certificates Available to Outdoor Fundraisers

Twelve certificates waiving range fees for non-members will be given to outdoor fundraisers such as Pheasants Forever, Friends of NRA, RMEF, Ducks Unlimited, and the Mule Deer Foundation upon request. We do ask that no more than 2 certificates go to any one person. Range fees have been waived for Pheasants Forever officers and fundraisers for a shooting session at Sun Valley, but they will pay for their targets. The range is extending the same offer to other outdoor or shooting fundraisers and will post their sign alongside the PF sign on the fence surrounding the child's playpen, if they wish.

Brass Sales

Rangemaster Joe has some reloadable brass for sale. Check with him to see what he has, and remember, you may police your own brass but no one else's. Brass sales are part of Joe's compensation package.

Shotgun Donation

Mark Kranz donated a well-used Remington model 11 shotgun to the club. See Jim Pearson if you're interested in a reliable home protection gun. The model 11 is a copy of the Browning humpback, and you won't go wrong paying $50 for this gun.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

President's Message

Tom Perry submitted his resignation as vice-president and director some time back, and it was regretfully accepted by the board. The board unanimously voted Mike Graham in to fill Tom's unexpired term. If you don't recognize the name, he's usually called "Oatmeal," and he runs the firearms counter at Hammer's Sporting Goods.

Mike Iasella and I recently met with three county officials trying to get our lease extended so we will be eligible for grant money in the future. We believe that will happen, and right now we're working with them to be certain our water rights are secure.

Friday, July 24, we are supposed to be getting four pallets of clay targets, two of them, rabbits. That means 5-stand shooters will now be able to shoot a target scooting along the ground.

Director Tim Orth thinks we should look into planting some trees in the parking lot just to the west of the 5-stand range. Rangermaster Joe says it won't be a problem getting water to them. More about that in later blogs.
Jim Pearson

Cast Bullet Championships

Ric Bowman, president of Yakima Rifle & Pistol Association, competed in the Cast Bullet Association's National Military Rifle Championships in Sioux City, Iowa, June 13 and 14. Counting sighters and foulers, he fired 400 rounds in two days and took second place shooting a 1943 vintage Remington O3A3. Ric stressed that this is good competion because physical fitness levels don't have to be high, and that fits the needs of many older competitive rifle shooters since all competition if from the bench rest.

If enough people are interested, Ric and Joe Gifford would be glad to conduct a clinic at the range this winter for anyone interested in shooting cast lead bullets.

Lawnmower Donations/Driftboat Raffle

Steve Simon, Mike Hammond (Hammer's Sporting Goods), Jim Pearson, and Joe Gifford have donated $425 toward purchase of the lawnmower, all of it unsolicited. Mike has a new Alumaweld 16" drift boat, trailer, and accessories in front of his store, and it's a beauty. It will be raffled off at the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) fundraiser in September, and ticket holders need not be present to win. Tickets are $2.00 and may be purchased at Hammer's Sporting Goods or from Jim Pearson.

Duck Tower

Rod Robert (Cascade Wind Machines) visited the range recently deciding where to put the duck tower he's installing on the 5-Stand clays range. The tower will be thirty feet tall with a winch on the side to raise the thrower from ground level to the top. Say "Thanks, Rod," the next time you see him.

Vorenkamp vs. Weeds

If you see a big guy on a small lawn tractor dragging a weed sprayer behind, it's probably Gordon Vorenkamp spraying weeds. Yakima Rifle and Pistol will soon be springing for another $250 to buy Roundup and 2-4-D. Thanks, Gordon, and thanks YR&PA.

New Lawn

Rangemaster Joe has leveled and planted new lawn near their house. He says the house is much less dusty now that the lawn is in. He also made a channel to divert runaway irrigation water that has flooded the house in the past.

Office Check-in

All members or guests must sign in at the office immediately upon arriving at the park. No exceptions! If your kids are with you, sign them in also. For a couple of very good reasons, one of them being eligibility for grants (that's the same as money).

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Lawnmower

Burrows Tractor cut the park a special deal on a new 54' Husqvarna zero-turn lawnmower, and Rangemaster Joe was waiting for the store to open the day we took delivery. Two hours later, while he sat on the mower, he was asked if he was in love. He replied, "It's way beyond love. It's lust. I think I can mow all the lawn in six hours." Since then, he has revised his estimate downward claiming he can do it in three. He has to use the push mower to mow the lawn he planted on the slope to the left of the clubhouse entry, but the mower will cut the lawn he has planted behind their house. Steve Simon is contributing a tree to plant in the middle of the lawn by the clubhouse, and so far $325 has been donated or pledged toward the purchase of the lawnmower.

He stored the lawnmower in the shed, and that night the starlings pooped on it. He was so upset that he cleaned it off and now keeps it by the house with a tarp over it. Holly says he would store it in the house if she would let him.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of Sun Valley Shooting Park officers and board members will be held at Shari's Restaurant on Valley Mall Boulevard beginning at 6:30 pm on July 14. They have a back room reserved for us, and several members come early to have dinner before or during the meeting.

Electricity Costs

Someone told Rangemaster Joe that the shooting park is an oasis, and he was right, but it is not without cost. Our total electricity bill for the past three months has exceeded $1400, but membership is increasing and people are shooting. Maybe green grass and trees have something to do with that.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Duck Tower

Rod Robert, owner of Cascade Wind Machines, is going to construct a duck tower at the west end of the 5-stand clays range using a 30 foot section of wind machine metal. He is going to pour a concrete foundation, bolt the tower to it, and put a lift on the tower so the trap machine can be raised and lowered. Cascade also contributed the duck tower that is east of the clubhouse. When you see him, be sure to say, "Thanks, Rod!"


Sometime back, I posted some information concerning a lawnmower we were supposed to get from Burrows Tractor, and I didn't have all the facts straight. This was the second year Burrows has held a company shoot at the range, and they paid for the privilege last year. They did not promise to provide a lawnmower to us; it was to be a reconditioned "gang" mower and we would pay approximately $4,500 for it, but none of the board of directors knew about the payment. While I'm sure that's a good price for such a piece of equipment, I thought it was more than we needed and so did Rangemaster Joe. Joe was in the commercial lawn care business for several years, and he knows about those things. Sun Valley is currently shopping for a lawnmower, and a 54 inch cut Husqvarna at Burrows Tractor seems to be the best buy in town right now. Anyway, I should not have posted the blog until I was certain the information was correct. I tried to get the correct info but was unsuccessful.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Membership Increase

Sun Valley Shooting Park Secretary Judy Pearson just spent ten hours compiling a new membership list that is 95 percent correct. It won't be 100% until she is able to match her results with another list--the one compiled by Treasurer Pat Koenig. After that, the list will be installed on the computer Holly uses at the range. Current as of June 1, we have 174 members including lKA. That is a significant increase over the membership rolls of less than a year ago. Judy intends to drop all names from the list who are unpaid since '07. She thinks, when reminders are sent to those members who are in arrears since '08, we will pick up even more members.

The Flag Flies

A new 5X8 feet American flag is again flying at SVSP, thanks to Rod Robert at Cascade Wind Machines. Over the years, Rod has been extremely generous to the park, and when he heard that the rope had slipped off the trolley, he sent Rollie Taylor and his boom truck to fix the problem.

Pheasants (Forever)

Pheasants Forever has been working with SVSP to create better pheasant habitat, and Larry Morgan showed up last week with live pheasants to join their wild kindred. The hens, in various stages of maturity, flew immediately to the cover where their wild cousins live, and Rangemaster Joes said within minutes two wild roosters flew into the same cover. Larry also dumped a large sack of feed for the birds.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pittman-Robertson Grants

Jim Pearson attended a Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) workshop Saturday in Ellensburg where he learned how to apply for Pittman-Robertson money for range improvement. Pittman-Robertson tax money has been collected on firearm and archery salses since the 30's to support hunter education and range improvement. WDFW spends nearly a million of those dollars each year in support of hunter education, but this year they have $56,000 left for distribution to ranges who qualify, but applications must be postmarked no later than June 30 or they are ineligible.
Possible projects for Sun Valley are: 1) Moving the 300-meter range approximately 20 degrees to the right in order to create a safer impact area. The firing line benches would also need be moved slightly while a covered firing line would be added. 2) Creation of a .22 rimfire range adjoining the pistol range on the east. It would involve creating a berm and adding reaction targets that immediately signal a hit. 3) Building a target shed for 3-D archery targets and purchase of the targets themselves. 4) Constructing a duck tower on the the 5-stand clays range and purchasing a target machine for the tower.
Pearson says he is unwilling to do the legwork for these projects, but if someone else will do that and have the materials in his hands by the 20th of June, he will write the grant request(s) and mail them to WDFW in time to meet the deadline.
Mik Mikitik, the WDFW official in charge of the distribution, says there will probably be more money available for distribution next year.


The Park has more than a dozen camping spots available with electric power and water hookup available. A dumpsite is also available. The overnight camping fee is $15, and what better way to spend a weekend than camped at the park while shooting rifle, pistol, and shotgun? Ric Bowman, while his wife was away, parked his camper there, reloaded experimental ammuntion, went up to the range, shot it, and came back to the camper to improve the loads. He said it was a great way to spend a weekend.


Two separate entities, Sun Valley Shooting Park and Yakima Rifle and Pistol Association, work together to to fund and keep the park running, and many members belong to both organizations. Recently, SVSP President Jim Pearson and YR&PA President Ric Bowman discussed the possibility of merging the two organizations. Yakima Rifle and Pistol Association is the oldest NRA affiliated club in the United States, and Pearson said he thought any merging of the two groups should preserve the Yakima Rifle & Pistol name. Both Bowman and Pearson admit they have only the faintest idea how the merger would work, but both thought is was time to give the idea some thought.

Tree Needed

Rangemaster Joe has planted lawn in the sloping area to the left as you enter the clubhouse, and now we need a colorful tree of some kind to plant in the middle of that lawn. If you have tree you can contribute, give Joe a call at 576-0866.

Master Hunters

Master hunters are required to work 40 hours at habitat improvement in order to keep their credentials. Sun Valley Shooting Park is authorized to grant time credits to those wishing to help with the pheasant habitat improvement project. Contact Jim Pearson at (509) 480-9199 if you wish to participate.

Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever members Larry Morgan and Bob Patten, along with their biologist, Kraig Paulson, toured the park recently with President Jim Pearson and Rangemaster Joe. They suggested we plant oats between the evergreen trees you see on the right upon entering the park. They also suggested we plant service berry bushes as well as chokecherries and golden current bushes in order to offer more food and cover for the birds.

The pond

Rangemaster Joe has let the pond dry up, taken the trees and bushes out, and is currently deepening and expanding the hole. Then, with financial aide from Pheasants Forever, we will line the pond bottom with plastic, put a layer of dirt of the top of the plastic, and fill it with water. This was necessary because the pond bottom is so porous water disappears almost immediately. We will then plant the edges to rye grass and put plants in the water. Pheasants Forever also suggests we let some water run down the draw in order to produce more cover for the birds. The park has a small group of pheasants living near the pond now, and we plan to build on that.

Sunstroke 2700

On June 20, a 2700 pistol match is scheduled at the park, and beginners are welcome. The NRA classification system is used, and the fee is $25. Beginners may fire the .22 caliber pistol for the entire match, if desired. The match is shot slow fire at 50 yards with timed and rapid fire at 25 yards. Last year's winner was Jimmie Dorsey from Idaho. For more information, call Bob Jacobs at (509) 933-3878 or email him at

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pheasants Forever

Several members of the local chapter of Pheasants Forever will visit the range at 1:00 Friday, May 22. They will bring their biologist who will offer suggestions about improving the habitat for birds. Pheasants Forever donated the evergreen trees you see on the left as you drive up the road to the range. They also have some rye grass seed they will donate for us to plant around the pond as well as in other spots. PF plants pheasants each year for youth hunts, and they may wish to look at the property on the west side of the rang to see if it is suitable. Rangemaster Joe tells me we have six pheasants living on the property now. He sees them regularly.


So far, Jim Pearson is the only one signed up for a table at the trade/swap/sell meeting upstairs in the clubhouse on Sunday, May 31. If you wish a table, give him a call at 480-9199. Pearson says it will suit him just fine if he is the only one showing. He claims to have lots of stuff he wants to get rid of.

Pittman-Robertson Money Available

The Department of Fish and Wildlife gets Pittman-Robertson (P-R) money each year from the federal government. It's tax money collected on the sale of guns and bows, and it supports hunter education as well as range development. This year, the DFW has changed the rules, and it will be much tougher to get. A meeting will be held in Ellensburg May 30 from 10:00 to 3:00 and attendance is mandatory for anyone wishing a grant. Jim Pearson will attend, and if you wish to go along, give him a call at 480-9199. Another rule change is even tougher--grants will be made for range projects, but 75% of the cost of the project will be returned to the range only after the project is complete. That rule change makes it difficult for ranges without deep pockets to comply.

Pond is Filling

Rangemaster Joe (RJ) used the tractor blade to deepen the pond, and in some places it's four feet deep. We may have to do something to the bottom because so much water is seeping out, but we have a pair of ducks visiting us regularly, and RJ tells me he going to plant some fish.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Membership meeting

Membership meeting Tuesday, May 12, at Shari's in Union Gap. Meeting begins at 6:30. Come early if you wish to eat.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Want a table at the Trade/Swap/Sell meet upstairs at Sun Valley Shooting Park on Sunday, May 31? contact Jim Pearson at or call Jim at 480-9199. A limited number of tables are available.

Membership Numbers

One of the president's goals is to double membership in SVSP within two years' time. We began this year with 111 members, and that includes IKA, and I can't tell you exactly how many we have right now because of a glitch in the system, but with the help of Holly and Judy, we will soon have that glitch repaired and I'll give you an exact number. I can tell you, however, that it is more than 111, and Holly is steadily signing up new people. One of the perks of membership is shooting on Rangemaster Joe's (RJ's) Wednesday workdays, but check with him first. If you show up unannounced, he might be working on the range you wish to use. And remember, he is not available on Wednesdays to help shooters.


A generous SVSP member who wishes to remain anonymous, donated a dinette set, a couch, two end tables and two lamps to the rangemaster's house. Thank you, anonymous. Mike Iasella says he can probably find some patio furniture for the front deck which Rangemaster Joe (RJ) has carpeted. He has also replaced the worn linoleum in the master bath and put carpet on the back half. RJ is keeping the water running, the grass mowed, and the weeds chopped. If you appreciate that, tell him.

The Great Pyromaniac Tumbleweed Burn

Ciro DeMarco, Matt Guderjohn, Steve Schaul, Det Jaussaud, Jim Pearson, and Joe the Rangemaster burned lots of tumbleweeds before the wind cranked up too much. Jim told Steve he loved to start fires, and when he was young, he worried he might grow up to be a pyromaniac. Steve said he did too. He said he thought starting fires was just an extension of a basic instinct.
The two water pumpers, Matt's and the one Husch and Husch gave Sun Valley, were real helps, but Joe did have to make a minor repair to the H & H machine he repaired and got running. Later on, Matt burned holes in one of his hoses.
Matt says SVSP owns the fence on the left as we enter the range, so eventually, we will burn that fence line, too. Watch the blog for the date that will be scheduled.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Pyramaniac Tumbleweed Burn

The Great Tumbleweed Burn will begin Saturday morning April 25 at the range. We have the go-ahead from Clean Air Authority, so bring a pitchfork, a weedburner and join the fun. Joe has the Husch & Husch pumper working, and Matt Guderjohn will have his equipment also. No fire will get away from us, but we need to begin early to avoid afternoon winds. See you at the range.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Tumbleweed Burn

Starting at 8:00 AM Saturday, April 25, we will have a tumbleweed burning party at Sun Targets. Rangemaster Joe has fixed the Husch & Husch fire wagon, and Matt Guderjohn has a 200 gallon pumper we will put on his pickup. That way, we can have two crews working at the same time. All this depends on Clean Air Authority giving us permission, of course. If it's a "go," you will hear nothing. If we don't receive permission, you will read about it on the blog Friday night. Bring a pitch fork.


We are holding another Buy/Sell/Trade meet upstairs in the clubhouse Sunday, May 31. Twelve club members only may display, but day pass visitors are eligible to go upstairs after paying the fee. Members may attend at no cost. Setup time is 8:00 and the doors will open at 9:00. To reserve table space, call Jim Pearson at 965-4387 or email him at

.22 Caliber Plinking Range

Steve Koenig reported on the .22 caliber plinking range that has been discussed for the last couple of meetings. We need a bay in which to set up action targets for .22 short, long, or long rifle plinkers for pistol or rifle only. The bay needs to be near the clubhouse so the rangemaster can keep a close watch on it because a high power rifle or pistol would ruin the targets. The bay would probably be best situated just east of the pistol range.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Meeting

The general meeting for Sun Valley Shooting Park will be held at Shari's in Union Gap beginning at 6:30 April 14. Come early if you wish to join a few of us for dinner. The only rule is everyone must order something even if it's just a drink.

Raffle Drawing

Raffle results: The drawing for the raffle was held April 4 in the clubhouse. Reg Ford from Tieton won the C-Z 20 gauge over/under. John McKinney from Gleed won the framed print of elk in a pasture, and Mike McCandless from Selah won the 1-year membership to Sun Valley. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Compliment Joe

If you appreciate the work Joe is doing on the grounds (and who wouldn't?), tell him. Meanwhile, Holly is busily selling memberships in the clubhouse.

Missing Lawnmower

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the small John Deere lawnmower, please give Joe and Holly a call at 576-0866. It disappeared in the last month or thereabouts because Jim Pearson saw it and heard it running. We need it badly. The motor is completely shot in the other John Deere, and Joe is using an old riding lawnmower of his own. We are getting a lawnmower from Burrows Tractor, but until that happens, we badly need the missing John Deere.

Furniture Needed

Joe and Holly Sutton will soon be moving into the rangemaster's house at the park, but they're short of furniture. They're maintaining a house in Yakima where Joe's mother lives with Joe and Holly's daughter, and that's where their furniture must stay. They have beds and a TV, but they need living room furniture as well as a kitchen table and chairs. If you have some used furniture you don't need returned, please consider contributing it to the rangemaster's house at the park.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Rangemasters

Meet the new rangemasters, Joe and Holly Sutton. March 17 was their first day, and they are still on a steep learning curve. Joe promises the membership will soon see a difference in the outside appearance of the park, and after watching him work, Jim Pearson says he believes him.
Joe and Holly have a nineteen-year-old special-needs son named Joey. Heather is their eighteen-year-old daughter who is a senior at Eisenhower and will begin college this fall.
Gary and Lou Brown have been showing the Suttons the "ropes," necessary information for running the park.
Joe has worked for Gary Fairbanks on several occasions, and Gary claims he's a hard worker who works without supervision. Joe will be working outside while Holly runs the clubhouse, collects fees, and issues membership cards upon request.

Shooting Exhibitions

Mike Hammond, owner of Hammer's Sporting Goods, is planning a shooting exhibition day at the park. A shooter sponsored by Remington has broken Tom Knapp's record of breaking 8 clay targets with individual shots after he has hand-tossed the clay birds into the air. Mike is trying to get him to the park as well as other exhibition shooters, and the public will be invited to watch them do their stuff.

Clay Targets and Machines

In the near future, Steve Simon will try to set all our target machines to throw Tru-Flite targets. Tru-Flites are softer than White Flyers, so if Steve's "tweaking" is successful, the machines will throw soft or hard targets. Hammer's Sporting Goods has ordered a pallet of Tru-Flites for the club.


A limited number of shotshells in 12 or 20 gauge are for sale in the clubhouse. Price is $7.oo per box.

Membership Perks

President Jim Pearson says he intends to create membership perks. So far, we have three: 1) Members may use the range on Wednesdays if they inform the rangemaster they are coming. Please remember this is a work day for Joe, so he will not be available to assist shooters. 2) Only members may have a table at future buy/sell/swap events upstairs in the clubhouse. 3) Only members may purchase reloadable brass or shotshells from the rangemaster, and they must ask for it at the window.

More perks will be added in the hope they will bolster membership rolls.


You may view the calendar of upcoming events by clicking on "calendar" just below the photo on the right side of the blog. If an upcoming event you know about isn't published, provide that information to the editor by emailing Be sure to include the starting time as the calendar requires it for posting.

Grass and Weeds

Steve Simon and Ramon took their equipment to the range and fertilized the grass, but we will need to apply 2-4-D later on. Very soon, we will also be spraying large areas with Roundup and burning tumbleweeds. We also need to take some boards and furniture to the landfill, since we are not allowed to burn them.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Matt Guderjohn met Jim Pearson at the shooting park Sunday, March 8, with his firefighting tank and pumper on his truck. They intended to spray weeds but were told it would be a waste of time with the cold weather we're experiencing. Matt left the pump at the shooting park where it can be used later when the weather warms. It has a 200-gallon tank with a gasoline powered pumper engine. We will have a weed-spraying party at the park in the near future and members will be encouraged to bring their lawn weed sprayers. SVSP will supply the Roundup for the sprayers. Workers will be treated to chili and crackers for lunch and in the afternoon we will fill Matt's pumper with water and use it for fire protection while we burn tumbleweeds. Chili lovers who want to volunteer for the work party should call Jim at 480-9199 and volunteer.


Raffle ticket sales, which began at the Outdoor Show, have gone very well. We are on schedule to sell more tickets than ever before thanks to Chairman Rodger Lamb and his group of volunteers. After the Outdoor Show, Ciro DeMarco sold two books of tickets to his fellow workers.

Swap Meet a Success

The first ever trade/buy/swap meet at the park was a huge success. Both buyers and sellers thought it was great, so we will do this again in the future, but only members will be given table space.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buy/Sell/Trade Meet, March 1, 2009

If you want table space for the Buy/Sell/Swap Meet March 1 upstairs in the clubhouse, give Jim Pearson a call at 480-9199. Table space is limited, so if you show up unannounced expecting a table, you may be disappointed. Regular setup is from 8:00 to 10:00 but you can set up later if you wish; upstairs opens for business at 10:00. You must be a member to display, but non-members can attend by purchasing a $10 day pass or by buying 4 raffle tickets (unless tickets have been sold out). Spread the word.


Rodger Lamb headed up the raffle sales crew at the Outdoor Show in Yakima February 12-14. Assisting were Phil Lamb, Steve Koenig, Jim Reddick, Loren Lund, Buzz Blanchard, Ric Bowman, Skip Steinmetz, Rollie Taylor, Ciro DeMarco, Bill Lee, Matt Guderjohn, Steve Shaul, and Gordon Vorenkamp. Our first prize is a C-Z Redhead 20 gauge over/under. Second prize is a framed, limited edition print of an elk, and third prize is a year's membership to Sun Valley Shooting Park. Sales were brisk and we have a tidy profit laid in already, but we have until April 4 to sell more. Non-members who wish to visit the trade/sell/buy meet upstairs in the clubhouse March 1 can either purchase a range pass or buy four raffle tickets in order to gain entry.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Abbreviated Minutes, Feb. 10, 2009, Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by president Jim Pearson. Also attending were officers & board members: Tom Perry, Pat Koenig, Shawn Murphy, Steve Koenig, Gary Fairbanks, Mike Iasella, Tim Orth; rangemaster Drew Schlepp and several members at large.
Rangemaster's report: Memberships are coming in on a regular basis. Faucets in mobile home are leaking. Board gave Drew the go ahead to buy materials and fix faucets.
Treasurer's report: Pat reported a balance of $112 in one account and $11,000 plus in the other. She distributed and discussed written reports for January.
President's report: Pearson reported that a newsletter was mailed to members, resulting in many address changes and deletions. Updating the mailing list continues as new information is received.
New business:
Changes to board: Jim Reddick's resignation from the board was accepted with regret. Reddick resigned due to a conflict of interest. Shawn Murphy resigned as secretary and agreed to finish out Reddick's term on the board. The president appointed Judy Pearson to replace Shawn as secretary. These changes were voted on and approved by the Board of Directors.
Range grounds: Yakima Rifle & Pistol Assocation is donating $750 for weed control products. Discussion followed regarding the needed cleanup of weeds and debris at the range. David Lazorik continues to work with Burrows Tractor to obtain a lawn mower. Burrows Tractor may also bring out some equipment this spring to help get the range grounds in order.
Day pass offer: Pearson pointed out that some 1KA members (namely businesses) don't use the range. Consequently, their contributions are strictly donations. Pearson proposed that the club offer these members a few day passes that could be distributed to their employees. Approved.
Web site, blog, calendar: SVSP blog will be updated frequently & e-mailed to members & other interested parties at such time. There are no costs involved in maintaining the blog. Discussion was held as to whether to keep the present website at $120 per year and calendar at an additional $88 per year. Because the website is easily found through search engines and because maintaining it allows the club to keep its domain name, the Board decided to keep it, as well as the calendar, active. Links to the website and calendar are provided on the blog.
Renting the range: Paul Carter contacted Pearson asking to use the range for a statewide 4-H shooting event May 16. He wanted the entire range for a flat fee, including Friday and/or Saturday overnight camping for some participants. Lengthy discussion was held regarding closing down the range for a day. Board consensus is to avoid doing this whenever possible. Decision was to offer the range for $4,000 plus the price of targets if Carter insisted on closing off the range to membership. If some shooting banks and options were left open for members, the asking price would be $2,000 plus the price of targets. Also, a charge of $2,000 will be asked for the annual WSLEFIA shooting event which would take place on a Wednesday, Thursday, and half-day Friday.
Additional discussion: Membership cards are available at the range. Paul Klingele showed Mike Iasella how to do some mechanical repairs on the trap machines. Paul also fixed some of the machines while working with Mike. Steve Koenig is looking into the possibility of creating a .22 rimfire plinking range with reacting targets. Gary Fairbanks is checking into the cost of providing Drew with some shirts and hats that have "Rangemaster" embroidered on them.
Old business: Rodger Lamb is chairman of the SVSP booth and raffle at the Sportsmen's Show. A 20-gauge CZ Redhead is first prize on the raffle, a framed print donated by Jim Pearson is second prize, and a one-year membership to the range is third prize.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Next meeting: March 10 at Shari's in Union Gap.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trade/Swap/Sell meet, March 1, 2009

Contact Jim Pearson at 965-4387 or 480-9199 if you wish to display shooting related items at the meet upstairs in the clubhouse on March 1. Setup will be from 8:00 to 10:00. Shoppers must come through the main office beginning at 10:00.

Chairman of Sportsmen's Show booth

Rodger Lamb is chairman of the CWRC/YRPA booth at the Central Washington Sportsmen's Show in the Sundome February 13-15. Setup day will be the afternoon of the 12th. If you're willing to help, contact Rodger at 697-6687.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Information about this blog

Those members who have provided me with their e-mail address will be receiving this blog whenever new information is posted.
The information in the yellow section stays active for 7 days, then is archived and may be viewed by clicking on the archives (located at the bottom of the orange column). The yellow section will be updated monthly at a minimum. The orange section will remain in sight at all times & will be updated when necessary.
Some activities have not been included but will be added as soon as photos and more information become available.
If you know of any members who might like to receive this blog, please encourage them to give me an e-mail address.
This blog may also be viewed whenever you wish by visiting
Anyone wishing to contribute information, please send it by e-mail to

If you do not wish to receive this by e-mail, please let me know and I'll take your name off the list.

Trade/Swap meet March 1

Let me know if you plan to exhibit during the trade/swap meet at the range Sunday, March 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The upstairs door will be open at 9 a.m. for exhibitors only. If you have a card table, please bring it along. Contact Jim Pearson at 965-4387 or e-mail at

Help Needed: Sportsmen's Show

Help is needed for set up on Feb.12 and to man the booth from noon Feb. 13 and all day Feb. 14 & 15. Please contact Jim Pearson at 965-4387 or e-mail at as soon as possible if you can help out.

Abbreviated Minutes, Jan. 13, 2009 Executive Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president Jim Pearson. Also attending: Pat Koenig, Steve Koenig, Tom Perry, Gary Fairbanks, Mike Iasella, David Lazorik, Kerry Jorgensen, Drew Schlepp, & Judy Pearson. Judy acted as secretary in Shawn Murphy's absence.
Rangemaster's report: Weekly income at the range has been between $200 & $300 in recent weeks. Drew is making a list of maintenance & repair needs to give to Jim when complete.
Treasurer's report: David has turned accounting records over to Pat. Pat distributed a written report showing an item sales summary for the 2008 4th quarter: total sales during that time, $11,948.99. She will submit these reports in the future, thus providing a means of comparing sales income from quarter to quarter and year to year.
President's goals:
1. Double the present membership. Actively recruit members from the Yakima area as well as other regions.
2. Mail dues reminders regularly. Pat reported that she set up her computer software so that 30 days in advance of a member's dues expiring, an invoice to this effect is automatically kicked out. Pat agreed to send out the dues reminders as part of her treasurer's job.
3. Develop a job description for the rangemaster. Those present agreed that such a job description needs to be finalized.
4. Improve the outside appearance of the property.
5. Develop contingency plans for future rangemaster replacements, including pay/incentive packages to offer future rangemasters.
6. Establish skeet and 5-stand leagues.
7. Use club facilities for social events among members & non-members.
8. Find other sources of income for the range.
9. Hold a swap/sell/trade guns and shooting items event for members. After discussion, March 1, 2009 was set for the first such meet.
10. Review fee structure annually: membership, day fees, clay fees, etc.
11. Increase membership participation at general meetings.
New business:
David reported that CWRC has rented a booth at the Sportsmen's Show. Set-up is Feb. 12, & the show is Feb. 13, 14, & 15. Discussed raffle prizes. Gary Fairbanks & Mike Iasella will choose a good quality, name-brand rifle or shotgun for the top raffle prize. Jim will find volunteers to set up and man the booth.
Old business:
David will continue to work with Burrows Tractor Co. to obtain an industrial lawnmower with a wide swathe at a reasonable price.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
Next meeting: Feb. 10 at Shari's in Union Gap.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Action Pistol

Action pistol is a popular competition held regularly at Sun Valley Shooting Park. Highly modified "race" guns compete at short distances, and the match winner must be fast as well as accurate.

Long-range rifle

Rifle shooters can test their zeroes to 300 yards using one of the concrete benchrests. Shooters using this range must be members and two people have to be in attendance at all times.

5-Stand Clays

This sport may be the ultimate game for hunters wishing to improve their wing-shooting skills. Targets come from all different directions flying at varying speeds. A rabbit target even rolls along the ground.


Is skeet your game? This challenging shotgun sport is available at Sun Valley. A regulation course, complete with a lawn surrounding it, lies just below the clubhouse.


Shoot trap from 16 to 27 yards, and do it without being in a squad or needing someone to pull for you. When you call for the bird, a voice-activated system sends your target flying downrange.

Cowboy Action

Cowboy Action shooters meet on the first Saturday every month, register under an alias, and shoot old guns, mostly replicas, at short range targets. The shooting scenario is different at each match. Most of the shooters, to some degree, dress as old time cowboys or soldiers. This is the fastest-growing shooting activity in the world.

100-yard rifle range

Twelve concrete benches under a roof provide all-weather shooting comfort for rifle shooters on a 100-yard rifle range. You can safely paste or replace your targets while others continue to shoot. Simply walk around the berm to a tunnel leading to the military targets. Remember the military known-distance rifle ranges? That's what this is, but the range is limited to 100 yards. Farther to the west is a range, complete with bench rests, that go to 300 yards.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Shoot your handgun at targets posted on ready-made stands at ranges from 7 to 25 yards. A benchrest on the left side of the pistol range accommodates rifle shooters who want to get a short-range zero before moving over to the benchrests at the rifle range.