Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buy/Sell/Trade Meet, March 1, 2009

If you want table space for the Buy/Sell/Swap Meet March 1 upstairs in the clubhouse, give Jim Pearson a call at 480-9199. Table space is limited, so if you show up unannounced expecting a table, you may be disappointed. Regular setup is from 8:00 to 10:00 but you can set up later if you wish; upstairs opens for business at 10:00. You must be a member to display, but non-members can attend by purchasing a $10 day pass or by buying 4 raffle tickets (unless tickets have been sold out). Spread the word.


Rodger Lamb headed up the raffle sales crew at the Outdoor Show in Yakima February 12-14. Assisting were Phil Lamb, Steve Koenig, Jim Reddick, Loren Lund, Buzz Blanchard, Ric Bowman, Skip Steinmetz, Rollie Taylor, Ciro DeMarco, Bill Lee, Matt Guderjohn, Steve Shaul, and Gordon Vorenkamp. Our first prize is a C-Z Redhead 20 gauge over/under. Second prize is a framed, limited edition print of an elk, and third prize is a year's membership to Sun Valley Shooting Park. Sales were brisk and we have a tidy profit laid in already, but we have until April 4 to sell more. Non-members who wish to visit the trade/sell/buy meet upstairs in the clubhouse March 1 can either purchase a range pass or buy four raffle tickets in order to gain entry.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Abbreviated Minutes, Feb. 10, 2009, Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order by president Jim Pearson. Also attending were officers & board members: Tom Perry, Pat Koenig, Shawn Murphy, Steve Koenig, Gary Fairbanks, Mike Iasella, Tim Orth; rangemaster Drew Schlepp and several members at large.
Rangemaster's report: Memberships are coming in on a regular basis. Faucets in mobile home are leaking. Board gave Drew the go ahead to buy materials and fix faucets.
Treasurer's report: Pat reported a balance of $112 in one account and $11,000 plus in the other. She distributed and discussed written reports for January.
President's report: Pearson reported that a newsletter was mailed to members, resulting in many address changes and deletions. Updating the mailing list continues as new information is received.
New business:
Changes to board: Jim Reddick's resignation from the board was accepted with regret. Reddick resigned due to a conflict of interest. Shawn Murphy resigned as secretary and agreed to finish out Reddick's term on the board. The president appointed Judy Pearson to replace Shawn as secretary. These changes were voted on and approved by the Board of Directors.
Range grounds: Yakima Rifle & Pistol Assocation is donating $750 for weed control products. Discussion followed regarding the needed cleanup of weeds and debris at the range. David Lazorik continues to work with Burrows Tractor to obtain a lawn mower. Burrows Tractor may also bring out some equipment this spring to help get the range grounds in order.
Day pass offer: Pearson pointed out that some 1KA members (namely businesses) don't use the range. Consequently, their contributions are strictly donations. Pearson proposed that the club offer these members a few day passes that could be distributed to their employees. Approved.
Web site, blog, calendar: SVSP blog will be updated frequently & e-mailed to members & other interested parties at such time. There are no costs involved in maintaining the blog. Discussion was held as to whether to keep the present website at $120 per year and calendar at an additional $88 per year. Because the website is easily found through search engines and because maintaining it allows the club to keep its domain name, the Board decided to keep it, as well as the calendar, active. Links to the website and calendar are provided on the blog.
Renting the range: Paul Carter contacted Pearson asking to use the range for a statewide 4-H shooting event May 16. He wanted the entire range for a flat fee, including Friday and/or Saturday overnight camping for some participants. Lengthy discussion was held regarding closing down the range for a day. Board consensus is to avoid doing this whenever possible. Decision was to offer the range for $4,000 plus the price of targets if Carter insisted on closing off the range to membership. If some shooting banks and options were left open for members, the asking price would be $2,000 plus the price of targets. Also, a charge of $2,000 will be asked for the annual WSLEFIA shooting event which would take place on a Wednesday, Thursday, and half-day Friday.
Additional discussion: Membership cards are available at the range. Paul Klingele showed Mike Iasella how to do some mechanical repairs on the trap machines. Paul also fixed some of the machines while working with Mike. Steve Koenig is looking into the possibility of creating a .22 rimfire plinking range with reacting targets. Gary Fairbanks is checking into the cost of providing Drew with some shirts and hats that have "Rangemaster" embroidered on them.
Old business: Rodger Lamb is chairman of the SVSP booth and raffle at the Sportsmen's Show. A 20-gauge CZ Redhead is first prize on the raffle, a framed print donated by Jim Pearson is second prize, and a one-year membership to the range is third prize.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Next meeting: March 10 at Shari's in Union Gap.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trade/Swap/Sell meet, March 1, 2009

Contact Jim Pearson at 965-4387 or 480-9199 if you wish to display shooting related items at the meet upstairs in the clubhouse on March 1. Setup will be from 8:00 to 10:00. Shoppers must come through the main office beginning at 10:00.

Chairman of Sportsmen's Show booth

Rodger Lamb is chairman of the CWRC/YRPA booth at the Central Washington Sportsmen's Show in the Sundome February 13-15. Setup day will be the afternoon of the 12th. If you're willing to help, contact Rodger at 697-6687.