Saturday, March 28, 2009

Compliment Joe

If you appreciate the work Joe is doing on the grounds (and who wouldn't?), tell him. Meanwhile, Holly is busily selling memberships in the clubhouse.

Missing Lawnmower

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the small John Deere lawnmower, please give Joe and Holly a call at 576-0866. It disappeared in the last month or thereabouts because Jim Pearson saw it and heard it running. We need it badly. The motor is completely shot in the other John Deere, and Joe is using an old riding lawnmower of his own. We are getting a lawnmower from Burrows Tractor, but until that happens, we badly need the missing John Deere.

Furniture Needed

Joe and Holly Sutton will soon be moving into the rangemaster's house at the park, but they're short of furniture. They're maintaining a house in Yakima where Joe's mother lives with Joe and Holly's daughter, and that's where their furniture must stay. They have beds and a TV, but they need living room furniture as well as a kitchen table and chairs. If you have some used furniture you don't need returned, please consider contributing it to the rangemaster's house at the park.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Rangemasters

Meet the new rangemasters, Joe and Holly Sutton. March 17 was their first day, and they are still on a steep learning curve. Joe promises the membership will soon see a difference in the outside appearance of the park, and after watching him work, Jim Pearson says he believes him.
Joe and Holly have a nineteen-year-old special-needs son named Joey. Heather is their eighteen-year-old daughter who is a senior at Eisenhower and will begin college this fall.
Gary and Lou Brown have been showing the Suttons the "ropes," necessary information for running the park.
Joe has worked for Gary Fairbanks on several occasions, and Gary claims he's a hard worker who works without supervision. Joe will be working outside while Holly runs the clubhouse, collects fees, and issues membership cards upon request.

Shooting Exhibitions

Mike Hammond, owner of Hammer's Sporting Goods, is planning a shooting exhibition day at the park. A shooter sponsored by Remington has broken Tom Knapp's record of breaking 8 clay targets with individual shots after he has hand-tossed the clay birds into the air. Mike is trying to get him to the park as well as other exhibition shooters, and the public will be invited to watch them do their stuff.

Clay Targets and Machines

In the near future, Steve Simon will try to set all our target machines to throw Tru-Flite targets. Tru-Flites are softer than White Flyers, so if Steve's "tweaking" is successful, the machines will throw soft or hard targets. Hammer's Sporting Goods has ordered a pallet of Tru-Flites for the club.


A limited number of shotshells in 12 or 20 gauge are for sale in the clubhouse. Price is $7.oo per box.

Membership Perks

President Jim Pearson says he intends to create membership perks. So far, we have three: 1) Members may use the range on Wednesdays if they inform the rangemaster they are coming. Please remember this is a work day for Joe, so he will not be available to assist shooters. 2) Only members may have a table at future buy/sell/swap events upstairs in the clubhouse. 3) Only members may purchase reloadable brass or shotshells from the rangemaster, and they must ask for it at the window.

More perks will be added in the hope they will bolster membership rolls.


You may view the calendar of upcoming events by clicking on "calendar" just below the photo on the right side of the blog. If an upcoming event you know about isn't published, provide that information to the editor by emailing Be sure to include the starting time as the calendar requires it for posting.

Grass and Weeds

Steve Simon and Ramon took their equipment to the range and fertilized the grass, but we will need to apply 2-4-D later on. Very soon, we will also be spraying large areas with Roundup and burning tumbleweeds. We also need to take some boards and furniture to the landfill, since we are not allowed to burn them.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Matt Guderjohn met Jim Pearson at the shooting park Sunday, March 8, with his firefighting tank and pumper on his truck. They intended to spray weeds but were told it would be a waste of time with the cold weather we're experiencing. Matt left the pump at the shooting park where it can be used later when the weather warms. It has a 200-gallon tank with a gasoline powered pumper engine. We will have a weed-spraying party at the park in the near future and members will be encouraged to bring their lawn weed sprayers. SVSP will supply the Roundup for the sprayers. Workers will be treated to chili and crackers for lunch and in the afternoon we will fill Matt's pumper with water and use it for fire protection while we burn tumbleweeds. Chili lovers who want to volunteer for the work party should call Jim at 480-9199 and volunteer.


Raffle ticket sales, which began at the Outdoor Show, have gone very well. We are on schedule to sell more tickets than ever before thanks to Chairman Rodger Lamb and his group of volunteers. After the Outdoor Show, Ciro DeMarco sold two books of tickets to his fellow workers.

Swap Meet a Success

The first ever trade/buy/swap meet at the park was a huge success. Both buyers and sellers thought it was great, so we will do this again in the future, but only members will be given table space.