Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Pyramaniac Tumbleweed Burn

The Great Tumbleweed Burn will begin Saturday morning April 25 at the range. We have the go-ahead from Clean Air Authority, so bring a pitchfork, a weedburner and join the fun. Joe has the Husch & Husch pumper working, and Matt Guderjohn will have his equipment also. No fire will get away from us, but we need to begin early to avoid afternoon winds. See you at the range.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great Tumbleweed Burn

Starting at 8:00 AM Saturday, April 25, we will have a tumbleweed burning party at Sun Targets. Rangemaster Joe has fixed the Husch & Husch fire wagon, and Matt Guderjohn has a 200 gallon pumper we will put on his pickup. That way, we can have two crews working at the same time. All this depends on Clean Air Authority giving us permission, of course. If it's a "go," you will hear nothing. If we don't receive permission, you will read about it on the blog Friday night. Bring a pitch fork.


We are holding another Buy/Sell/Trade meet upstairs in the clubhouse Sunday, May 31. Twelve club members only may display, but day pass visitors are eligible to go upstairs after paying the fee. Members may attend at no cost. Setup time is 8:00 and the doors will open at 9:00. To reserve table space, call Jim Pearson at 965-4387 or email him at

.22 Caliber Plinking Range

Steve Koenig reported on the .22 caliber plinking range that has been discussed for the last couple of meetings. We need a bay in which to set up action targets for .22 short, long, or long rifle plinkers for pistol or rifle only. The bay needs to be near the clubhouse so the rangemaster can keep a close watch on it because a high power rifle or pistol would ruin the targets. The bay would probably be best situated just east of the pistol range.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Meeting

The general meeting for Sun Valley Shooting Park will be held at Shari's in Union Gap beginning at 6:30 April 14. Come early if you wish to join a few of us for dinner. The only rule is everyone must order something even if it's just a drink.

Raffle Drawing

Raffle results: The drawing for the raffle was held April 4 in the clubhouse. Reg Ford from Tieton won the C-Z 20 gauge over/under. John McKinney from Gleed won the framed print of elk in a pasture, and Mike McCandless from Selah won the 1-year membership to Sun Valley. Thanks to everyone who participated.