Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pheasants Forever

Several members of the local chapter of Pheasants Forever will visit the range at 1:00 Friday, May 22. They will bring their biologist who will offer suggestions about improving the habitat for birds. Pheasants Forever donated the evergreen trees you see on the left as you drive up the road to the range. They also have some rye grass seed they will donate for us to plant around the pond as well as in other spots. PF plants pheasants each year for youth hunts, and they may wish to look at the property on the west side of the rang to see if it is suitable. Rangemaster Joe tells me we have six pheasants living on the property now. He sees them regularly.


So far, Jim Pearson is the only one signed up for a table at the trade/swap/sell meeting upstairs in the clubhouse on Sunday, May 31. If you wish a table, give him a call at 480-9199. Pearson says it will suit him just fine if he is the only one showing. He claims to have lots of stuff he wants to get rid of.

Pittman-Robertson Money Available

The Department of Fish and Wildlife gets Pittman-Robertson (P-R) money each year from the federal government. It's tax money collected on the sale of guns and bows, and it supports hunter education as well as range development. This year, the DFW has changed the rules, and it will be much tougher to get. A meeting will be held in Ellensburg May 30 from 10:00 to 3:00 and attendance is mandatory for anyone wishing a grant. Jim Pearson will attend, and if you wish to go along, give him a call at 480-9199. Another rule change is even tougher--grants will be made for range projects, but 75% of the cost of the project will be returned to the range only after the project is complete. That rule change makes it difficult for ranges without deep pockets to comply.

Pond is Filling

Rangemaster Joe (RJ) used the tractor blade to deepen the pond, and in some places it's four feet deep. We may have to do something to the bottom because so much water is seeping out, but we have a pair of ducks visiting us regularly, and RJ tells me he going to plant some fish.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Membership meeting

Membership meeting Tuesday, May 12, at Shari's in Union Gap. Meeting begins at 6:30. Come early if you wish to eat.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Want a table at the Trade/Swap/Sell meet upstairs at Sun Valley Shooting Park on Sunday, May 31? contact Jim Pearson at or call Jim at 480-9199. A limited number of tables are available.

Membership Numbers

One of the president's goals is to double membership in SVSP within two years' time. We began this year with 111 members, and that includes IKA, and I can't tell you exactly how many we have right now because of a glitch in the system, but with the help of Holly and Judy, we will soon have that glitch repaired and I'll give you an exact number. I can tell you, however, that it is more than 111, and Holly is steadily signing up new people. One of the perks of membership is shooting on Rangemaster Joe's (RJ's) Wednesday workdays, but check with him first. If you show up unannounced, he might be working on the range you wish to use. And remember, he is not available on Wednesdays to help shooters.


A generous SVSP member who wishes to remain anonymous, donated a dinette set, a couch, two end tables and two lamps to the rangemaster's house. Thank you, anonymous. Mike Iasella says he can probably find some patio furniture for the front deck which Rangemaster Joe (RJ) has carpeted. He has also replaced the worn linoleum in the master bath and put carpet on the back half. RJ is keeping the water running, the grass mowed, and the weeds chopped. If you appreciate that, tell him.

The Great Pyromaniac Tumbleweed Burn

Ciro DeMarco, Matt Guderjohn, Steve Schaul, Det Jaussaud, Jim Pearson, and Joe the Rangemaster burned lots of tumbleweeds before the wind cranked up too much. Jim told Steve he loved to start fires, and when he was young, he worried he might grow up to be a pyromaniac. Steve said he did too. He said he thought starting fires was just an extension of a basic instinct.
The two water pumpers, Matt's and the one Husch and Husch gave Sun Valley, were real helps, but Joe did have to make a minor repair to the H & H machine he repaired and got running. Later on, Matt burned holes in one of his hoses.
Matt says SVSP owns the fence on the left as we enter the range, so eventually, we will burn that fence line, too. Watch the blog for the date that will be scheduled.