Thursday, July 23, 2009

President's Message

Tom Perry submitted his resignation as vice-president and director some time back, and it was regretfully accepted by the board. The board unanimously voted Mike Graham in to fill Tom's unexpired term. If you don't recognize the name, he's usually called "Oatmeal," and he runs the firearms counter at Hammer's Sporting Goods.

Mike Iasella and I recently met with three county officials trying to get our lease extended so we will be eligible for grant money in the future. We believe that will happen, and right now we're working with them to be certain our water rights are secure.

Friday, July 24, we are supposed to be getting four pallets of clay targets, two of them, rabbits. That means 5-stand shooters will now be able to shoot a target scooting along the ground.

Director Tim Orth thinks we should look into planting some trees in the parking lot just to the west of the 5-stand range. Rangermaster Joe says it won't be a problem getting water to them. More about that in later blogs.
Jim Pearson

Cast Bullet Championships

Ric Bowman, president of Yakima Rifle & Pistol Association, competed in the Cast Bullet Association's National Military Rifle Championships in Sioux City, Iowa, June 13 and 14. Counting sighters and foulers, he fired 400 rounds in two days and took second place shooting a 1943 vintage Remington O3A3. Ric stressed that this is good competion because physical fitness levels don't have to be high, and that fits the needs of many older competitive rifle shooters since all competition if from the bench rest.

If enough people are interested, Ric and Joe Gifford would be glad to conduct a clinic at the range this winter for anyone interested in shooting cast lead bullets.

Lawnmower Donations/Driftboat Raffle

Steve Simon, Mike Hammond (Hammer's Sporting Goods), Jim Pearson, and Joe Gifford have donated $425 toward purchase of the lawnmower, all of it unsolicited. Mike has a new Alumaweld 16" drift boat, trailer, and accessories in front of his store, and it's a beauty. It will be raffled off at the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) fundraiser in September, and ticket holders need not be present to win. Tickets are $2.00 and may be purchased at Hammer's Sporting Goods or from Jim Pearson.

Duck Tower

Rod Robert (Cascade Wind Machines) visited the range recently deciding where to put the duck tower he's installing on the 5-Stand clays range. The tower will be thirty feet tall with a winch on the side to raise the thrower from ground level to the top. Say "Thanks, Rod," the next time you see him.

Vorenkamp vs. Weeds

If you see a big guy on a small lawn tractor dragging a weed sprayer behind, it's probably Gordon Vorenkamp spraying weeds. Yakima Rifle and Pistol will soon be springing for another $250 to buy Roundup and 2-4-D. Thanks, Gordon, and thanks YR&PA.

New Lawn

Rangemaster Joe has leveled and planted new lawn near their house. He says the house is much less dusty now that the lawn is in. He also made a channel to divert runaway irrigation water that has flooded the house in the past.

Office Check-in

All members or guests must sign in at the office immediately upon arriving at the park. No exceptions! If your kids are with you, sign them in also. For a couple of very good reasons, one of them being eligibility for grants (that's the same as money).

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Lawnmower

Burrows Tractor cut the park a special deal on a new 54' Husqvarna zero-turn lawnmower, and Rangemaster Joe was waiting for the store to open the day we took delivery. Two hours later, while he sat on the mower, he was asked if he was in love. He replied, "It's way beyond love. It's lust. I think I can mow all the lawn in six hours." Since then, he has revised his estimate downward claiming he can do it in three. He has to use the push mower to mow the lawn he planted on the slope to the left of the clubhouse entry, but the mower will cut the lawn he has planted behind their house. Steve Simon is contributing a tree to plant in the middle of the lawn by the clubhouse, and so far $325 has been donated or pledged toward the purchase of the lawnmower.

He stored the lawnmower in the shed, and that night the starlings pooped on it. He was so upset that he cleaned it off and now keeps it by the house with a tarp over it. Holly says he would store it in the house if she would let him.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of Sun Valley Shooting Park officers and board members will be held at Shari's Restaurant on Valley Mall Boulevard beginning at 6:30 pm on July 14. They have a back room reserved for us, and several members come early to have dinner before or during the meeting.

Electricity Costs

Someone told Rangemaster Joe that the shooting park is an oasis, and he was right, but it is not without cost. Our total electricity bill for the past three months has exceeded $1400, but membership is increasing and people are shooting. Maybe green grass and trees have something to do with that.