Monday, August 10, 2009

Meeting August 11

The monthly meeting of Sun Valley Shooting Park will be held at 6:30 PM August 11 at Shari's on Valley Mall Boulevard in Union Gap. Several people come early and have dinner. Everyone is welcome, but remember, you must order something. That's the room rent we pay.

Duck Tower

Rod Robert, owner of Cascade Wind Machines, visited the range recently preparing to install a 30 foot duck tower on the 5-Stand Clays range. Work will begin soon.

Rabbit Targets

Rabbit targets are now available on the 5-Stand range. They are shotgun targets that roll along the ground.

Certificates Available to Outdoor Fundraisers

Twelve certificates waiving range fees for non-members will be given to outdoor fundraisers such as Pheasants Forever, Friends of NRA, RMEF, Ducks Unlimited, and the Mule Deer Foundation upon request. We do ask that no more than 2 certificates go to any one person. Range fees have been waived for Pheasants Forever officers and fundraisers for a shooting session at Sun Valley, but they will pay for their targets. The range is extending the same offer to other outdoor or shooting fundraisers and will post their sign alongside the PF sign on the fence surrounding the child's playpen, if they wish.

Brass Sales

Rangemaster Joe has some reloadable brass for sale. Check with him to see what he has, and remember, you may police your own brass but no one else's. Brass sales are part of Joe's compensation package.

Shotgun Donation

Mark Kranz donated a well-used Remington model 11 shotgun to the club. See Jim Pearson if you're interested in a reliable home protection gun. The model 11 is a copy of the Browning humpback, and you won't go wrong paying $50 for this gun.