Monday, September 14, 2009

President's Report

Pat and Steve Koenig said it best at the last meeting when they remarked how nice it is to have money in the bank and to not have to worry about paying bills. It hasn't always been that way. That isn't to say officers or board members are claiming the crisis is over. We don't know that, but we should have a better reading by May of 2010. Membership and participation continues to increase as more and more people discover the park exists. Groups are also using the range on a regular basis. For example, a biathlon group will have the 300 yard area for running and shooting of .22 rifles on September 26. Members needing to use that range should plan to do their shooting later in the afternoon.

I think I can speak for all board members when I say how pleased we are with the services of Rangemaster Joe and his wife Holly. She's the lady who greets you when you come in the clubhouse. Their son, Joey, a special needs student, is enrolled in East Valley Schools, and he is picked up at the caretaker's house each morning and delivered back home in the afternoon.

Mike Iasella, who is in charge of clay targets, is going ahead with plans to install token operated target counters for the skeet and trap ranges. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it's something like this: You pay for a round of trap or skeet, get a token that you drop in the machine and you have 27 birds coming. Clubs that have installed target counters report they work great and are real target savers.

Sun Valley Shooting Park donated 12 free range passes to Yakima Ducks Unlimited and to the upcoming Friends of NRA fundraiser. Some have been made for CCA and the park will do the same for any other shooting or fishing fundraiser held here in Yakima. We do ask that they not be "bundled" and auctioned or raffled off. That could conceivably cost us a membership. If you need some certificates for your fundraiser, call 480-9199.
Jim Pearson

Pheasants Forever

Pheasants Forever recently donated $2000 to the park with no strings attached. However, the money will be used, directly or indirectly, to enhance bird habitat. Now that it is dry, the pond bottom needs to be lined so it will hold water, and a drip system will lead from the pond to the draw below it to provide water to plants such as golden currants, elderberries and chokecherries. On the 26th of September, PF will plant some pheasants for a kids' shoot, but first they will take their dogs through to flush all wild birds out of the area. The birds will be back that night because that's where the food, water and cover is.

Kids and Grandkids

Our membership includes family--spouse, children and grandchildren younger than 18 included. Grandchildren were recently added to the rolls due to several requests from grandpas who wanted to teach their grandchildren to shoot.


The plaques with IKA ($1000 annual membership) names and amounts are posted in the clubhouse again. All members are asked to review the correctness of the figures and let Jim Pearson know about any errors. The program began three years ago, and without it the park would probably not have survived.

Cartridge Cases

Rangemaster Joe has reloadable brass for sale. If you're interested, tell him what you need. He has a large supply of 40 S&W and is probably willing to make someone a good deal on that caliber.

Lead Recovery

What's all that equipment doing out there in front of the trap and skeet range, you ask? It's Environmental Recovery Services mining lead shot, and paying the shooting park to do so. The Board, at our last meeting, voted to put all the money into a reserve fund to cover unforeseen expenses. We get our money once ERS has delivered the lead to the smelter and it has been reclaimed--approximately five weeks from now.