Saturday, November 28, 2009

President's Message

One-KA & 4-Wheeler

Rangemaster Joe shows off his new 4-wheeler.

Three years ago, Sun Valley had no money to pay its bills and the park looked terrible. Then along came IKA and look at the difference. IKA stands for $1,000 per year voluntary membership, and we just had a new addition to the rolls--Don Higgins. Don took his membership through Combined Federal Contributions along with Bob Rains, Tom Oxford, Matt Guderjohn, Steve Kruger, George Holman, Dale Tadewald, Jim Reddick, and Casey Peterson. We now have 26 names on the boards in the clubhouse, and I'm hoping we can add to that. Remember, if you can't afford a $1,000 contribution, you may become a member of the group for $250 or multiples of that figure. I'm the guy who keeps up the board, so if you get your contribution directly to me, I'll be certain to keep the numbers posted correctly on the board. Dr. Mike Murphy just gave another thousand, and that isn't all. He also gave Rangemaster Joe a Kawasaki 400 4-wheeler in pristine condition. Joe's old 4-wheeler finally gave up the ghost, and no other vehicle serves the rangemaster so well as a 4-wheeler. John Iasella originally gave the 4-wheeler to Dr. Mike, and I wanted a photo of both of them along with Rangemaster Joe for this blog, but I couldn't get them together by deadline time. I will make my IKA contribution before the first of the year. Why not join Dr. Mike and me?


We used some of the Pheasants Forever donation to purchase a disc, and Rangemaster Joe has used it to lay a crooked track through the cover you can see on your left as you enter the park. The bare earth left by the disc helps produce insects vital for survival of pheasant chicks. Joe is also deepening the pond area, and we hope to spread bentonite on the bottom to prevent water loss before filling it next spring. Any idea where we can get some bentonite? We also need a dump truck to haul it to the site. Colin Hudson, who is working on his Eagle Scout certification, will help with the project, piping water to the draw below the pond and planting vegetation pheasants like.

Christmas Decorations

If you have surplus Christmas decorations, give them to Holly and she will decorate the clubhouse.


While you're in the clubhouse, have a look at the framed mallard duck print Gary Fairbanks donated for the raffle. Other prizes are a Remington 700 VTR in .204 Ruger. It's a varmint rifle with a triangular-shaped barrel and a muzzle brake. The other prize is a Remington 870 youth model 20 gauge with a shortened stock. Oatmeal Graham who runs the gun counter at Hammer's Sporting Goods will soon have the firearms in. Rodger Lamb has again consented to be chairman of the raflle sales where our big push will be at the Yakima outdoor show in February. If want to help Rodger, give him a call at 697-6687. If you know of another place to sell the tickets, tell him.

Membership Meeting, Elections

Election of three directors whose terms are expiring will be held at the December 8 at Shari's Restaurant in Union Gap. The meeting will begin at 6:30, but you may show up any time after 6:00 if you wish to eat. All attendees need to order something. A by-laws change is among the orders of business, but it won't take long. Directors up for reelection to 3-year terms are Oatmeal Graham, Shawn Murphy, and Kerry Jorgensen. The directors will then select officers: President, Vice-president, 2nd Vice president, secretary, and treasurer. If the 1991 by-laws are reinstated, and I hope they will be, the president may appoint a secretary or treasurer who are not directors.


Mike Iasella and I, as well as any other directors who are available, will meet with county officials December 2 to discuss various subjects prior to the shooting park being granted a new 20-year lease. Some grants will not give money to organizations having less that ten years access to the property.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

President's message

Raffle: Rodger Lamb has agreed to chair the raffle sales team again this year, so if you are interested in helping, call him at 697-6687. I'm assuming we will again be offered booth space at the Yakima Outdoor Show in February, but Rodger has ideas beyond that. Call me at 480-9199 if you have suggestions for raffle prizes, and I will post photos of them on the blog once they have been purchased.
Election of Directors: Sun Valley Shooting Park directors will be elected at the December 8 meeting. General membership elects the directors, and the directors elect officers. The 3-year terms of Kerry Jorgensen, Shawn Murphy, and Mike Graham (Oatmeal) will end, and I have no idea at this time whether they will consent to run again. The meeting will be held at Shari's Restaurant in Union Gap at 6:30, and all attendees need to order something even if it is coffee or a soft drink.
Rangemaster Bonuses: Last month, the board of directors agreed to give Rangemaster Joe a bonus of $300. Previously, he was granted a bonus of $100. The bonuses were granted because the board is pleased with the service of the Suttons and because we have the funding available to afford it. As per direction from the board, the rangemaster's monthly wage will be reviewed in May of 2010.
November General Meeting: The November 10 general meeting will also be held at Shari's at 6:30, and several of us come an hour early and have something to eat before meeting time. All members are welcome, of course. We have no crises to discuss, but several interesting items are on the agenda.