Sunday, October 31, 2010

President's Message

Thank You:
1. Shields Bag and Printing for the plastic to line the pond. Rangemaster John (RJ) and his helper, Josh Bishop, finished that job October 30 and the pond is filling just in the nick of time because
2. Steve Laws, with RJ's help, will drain and blow the sprinkler lines next week. It's that time of year folks, so
3. Gordon Vorenkamp delivered the apple wood ricked in front of the clubhouse. it's the second year Gordon has done that.
Thanks, guys--thank you very much

Range needs: The rangemaster's house needs a washer, dryer, bedroom set, a microwave oven, and a couple of "easy" chairs to complement the new flooring and tile that are now in place. If you have any of that you're ready to haul away, we hope you will consider giving it to the range.
I gave RJ some leftover paint I had in the garage, and he mixed it with other leftover paint at the range and used it to paint the inside of the house. Inside and out, the house looks better than ever, but we have more buildings that need paint. If you have leftover paint, don't throw it away. Give it to RJ. He will use it somewhere.

New Pump: A new 15 horse pump is in the irrigation well and the system is working fine. It cost in excess of $11,000, but we had the money to pay for it thanks to a board of directors who are committed to keeping the park operating in the black.

Dues Increase: Beginning January 1, family membership will increase to $120. June 1, day fees will increase to $12. The increase will be used to pay good people to maintain the ranges and the clubhouse. Beth, the smiling lady behind the counter in the clubhouse, will gladly extend your membership if you hand her $100. That's one way to beat the $20 increase.

IKA: The rebirth of Sun Valley Shooting Park began several years ago when a few generous individuals took out a voluntary $1000 annual membership. The shooting park had no money and no way to pay bills when these people bailed us out. Many of them have continued to do that every year since, and you will see their names posted on the board in the clubhouse. Would you like your name to also be on the board? Call me at 965-4387 and I will explain how that can happen for as little as $250. I will soon be sending out reminders to IKA members.
Jim Pearson, president, Sun Valley Shooting Park

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Water, Water, Nowhere...

The pump in the irrigation well burned up, and the derrick that attempted to pull the pump wasn't up to the job. Luckily, Picatti's outfit was in the orchard above the range and they had no trouble pulling the pipe and pump more than three hundred feet. We're hoping the costs will come in under fifteen thousand dollars, and we owe the board of directors a big "Thank You" because we have the funds in the bank to cover the job.

President's Message

Kerry Jorgensen has resigned from the board, and Sun Valley Shooting Park owes him for his dedication and time for the past several years. He served as president through some tumultous years, and for that we especially owe him.

The tractor has been stripped of the bucket and the forks as well as the forks that fit on the rear, and that equipment will be sold. Neither the bucket nor the forks ever worked well, and front tires continually went flat because of the extra weight. Steve Simon will soon have the three-point hitch again working so we can mow weeds.

Wednesdays are reserved for members only, but by appointment. Please phone ahead (576-0866) and leave a message on the recorder since no one will be monitoring the clubhouse on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesday morning, the rangemaster will check the messages and call you if the range you wish to shoot on is closed that day for maintenance.

Jim Pearson, president, Sun Valley Shooting Park

Thursday, June 10, 2010

President's Report

Rangemaster Joe and his wife Holly have decided to explore other opportunities, and Sunday the 13th of June will be their last day. Joe has been a wonderful groundskeeper, and he's leaving the Park looking beautiful. It was truly a miracle transformation. We will miss Holly's smiling face in the clubhouse, and I have certainly appreciated her dedicated work in keeping up a current membership list. During their tenure, our membership has more than tripled, so I guess I wasn't the only one who appreciated their efforts.

The Suttons' departure means Sun Valley is in the market for a rangemaster who must live in the rangemaster's house on the property. The wage and benefit package is negotiable, depending on the duties performed. For more information, call me at 480-9199 or 965-4387.
Jim Pearson

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tractor Repair

Steve Simon and his right-hand man, Ramon Rivera, are overhauling the tractor. They have torn it down, replaced gaskets, tightened bolts, pounded out and welded fenders, changed the oil in the hydraulics, installed a new and larger hydraulic pump, replaced the seat, and now they are painting it. Rangemaster Joe won't recognize the old tractor when it shows up again at Sun Valley.

Above, Ramon put the dashboard in
place on the Sun Valley tractor that Steve
Simon & Ramon are refurbishing in Steve's shop.

President's Message

Raffle Winners: 1st place, Tony Hauck; 2nd place, Cal Clarr; 3rd place, Jerry Stirely. Ciro DeMarco reminded me I left it out of the last blog. Thanks, Ciro, and thanks to Roger Lamb and the sales crew he put together. They did a terrific job selling tickets.

Pond: The pond is holding water and Pheasants Forever workers have plumbed overflow water down the draw to increase bird cover. Rangemaster Joe tells me he has seen a rooster and a hen pheasant down there already. The heavy rains killed most of the young quail and probably didn't do the pheasants any good, but maybe they will hatch another brood. A mallard drake and hen have taken up homestead on the pond, and I suspect they are nesting there.

Closing time: Closing times at Sun Valley have always been a complicated thing, but no longer. The range officially opens at 10:00 AM and closes at dusk year around. If the gate is open earlier than 10:00 AM, come on in.

Coin op on Skeet Field: Mike Iasella has installed the coin op on the skeet field and it works perfectly. A shooter buys a coin for $5.00, inserts it in the machine, and he has 27 targets coming. It has a voice call, so the shooter pushes the button for the station he wants thrown, and when he calls for the target, it flies. A "puller" is no longer required for skeet shooting.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

President's Message

New to Sun Valley: You may notice a large green spot on the sidehill north of the clubhouse where Pheasants Forever has planted more cover for pheasants. Joe is watering it as well as more cover so eventually the birds can come to water at the pond without ever leaving cover. The pond has been dug out deeply enough to uncover clay, and that's good. Maybe, finally, it will hold water. Also, Mike Iasella will soon install a cardtrol on the skeet range. After a shooter pays his $5.00, he received a card which, after he inserts it in the maching, entitles him to 28 clay birds. It also has a voice-activated system much like the one on the trap field. Those systems allow a shooter to call for his own birds and shoot by himself if he desires.

Contributions: I know it's dangerous because I might overlook someone, but I'm going to start thanking people for contributions, but only recent gifts. I could never begin to thank all those who have contributed in the past. If I miss someone, please tell me. 1) The Mabry's at Bestway Pawn for contributing a VCR and TV. People who are unacquainted with the park need to watch a short film introducing them to the park and its safety requirements. 2) Tim King for furnishing and installing a door in the pump house. 3) Steve Laws for more fertilizer and herbicide. 4) Steve Simon for the labor repairing the front end on our tractor. It's old and tired, but with some TLC, maybe we can make it last a bit longer.

Membership: Our paid membership now stands at approximately 360. I have yet to reach my goal of 400, but it's looking more doable every day.

Police: As you know, the Yakima police are now individual members, and that is working well with only a few minor glitches. Other, smaller departments as well as the Department of Corrections use the range regularly and are interested in becoming members of Sun Valley. Receiving a subtantial amount of money once or twice a year from police agencies better allows us to plan our budget.

Gravel: Vice-President, Gary Fairbanks bought two loads of gravel on the KIT radio auction, and it will be used on the road from the gate to the clubhouse, perhaps even beyond that.

Lease: Sun Valley, with Mike Iasella's help, is completing a 25-year lease with Yakima County for the use of the property.

Savings Accounts: Treasurer Pat Koenig recently opened two CD accounts, one for three months, one for six months. Those accounts will be held in reserve to cover any unforeseen large expenses.

Jim Pearson, president

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Message

At the January SVSP meeting, the following officers were elected by the board of directors: Jim Pearson, president; Gary Fairbanks, vice-president; Mike Iasella, 2nd vice-president; Shawn Murphy, secretary; Pat Koenig, treasurer; Judy Pearson, assistant secretary.

The Board unanimously readopted the original by-laws as adopted in 1991 and signed by President Eric Borg and Secretary Robert Warren. Those by-laws allow the Board to operate as they are presently; also, it allows every "change" voted in three years ago. The by-laws were amended one time to require a minimum of fifteen directors. That requirement no longer exists, and the Board can operate with a minimum of five and a maximum of fifteen directors. Presently, the Board has ten members.

The President closed the range for one day because of flooding. The roads were virtually impassable and the trap field was underwater. Holly often posts the weather on the calendar (see the blog), but shooters should call her to get winter weather conditions at the range before driving out there. The weather at the range is often quite different from Yakima or other communities nearby. The number is 576-0866.

The President recently completed negotiations with the City of Yakima; the result is this: All Yakima police officers and reserve officers are now members of SVSP. They will also conduct qualifications and practices at the park. Their payment will significantly add to the operating funds of SVSP. Several other police agencies and departments have been qualifying at the range paying daily fees.

Sized and graphited reclaimed shot is on sale at the clubhouse. It was consigned to the park by Larry Morris, the owner of the company that mined the range. Prices, including sales tax, are $22 for members, $26 for non-members.

At the February meeting, Director Mike Iasella correctly pointed out that, although our finances are good for the time being, if it weren't for One-KA($1,000 voluntary memberships) and the shot mining, we would be one or two steps away from broke. Step one would be the large pump going out, and it is due.

Luis Valdez is holding an M-1 Garand match March 13. Register at 9:00; shoot at 10:00. All competitors will need CMP authorization and notarized affidavit. Contact Luis at 249-8922 for more information.

Dennis Martinen and Bill Shields recently renewed their One-KA memberships. Thanks, guys.

A group working on the Pheasants Forever/Eagle Scout pheasant habitat restoration project discovered large chunks of concrete in the draw where they intend to pipe water and plant food and cover plots for the birds. Once the ground dries, we will get equipment in there to remove the concrete and take care of the project. We must also "line" the pond to prevent water loss.

The March 9 meeting will be held at Villa Senor's at 601 Fruitvale Boulevard. We can eat as early as 5:30, but the meeting will start promptly at 6:30. You may also park at Culligan's just west of the restaurant. Everyone attending should order something. I will be absent at the March and April meetings, so Gary Fairbanks will be chairing them.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

President's Message

Yakima City police and firemen are now members of Sun Valley Shooting Park. They will be doing their training and qualifications at the park, and, since they are members, they may also shoot recreationally. Recently, the Sunnyside Police did their qualifications at the park, and Selah Police are interested in doing the same. Welcome.
We have met my goal of going into the winter with $15,000 in the bank. As you know, our income goes down drastically during the winter.
Our general meeting will be held Tuesday January 12 at Shari's in Union Gap, and members are invited, as always. The meeting begins at 6:30, but several show up at 6:00 to eat. The board of directors will elect officers for 2010 and will also consider a by-law change.
Rangemaster Joe fought valiantly to keep water from coming in the back door to the clubhouse during the recent runoff. In the spring, we will construct a wall or berm of some kind to prevent this threat in the future.
We have 25 pound buckets of reclaimed shot for sale in the clubhouse, but I won't know the price until after the meeting. It is clean, graphited stuff, and is available by size. Larry Morris, the boss of the crew (his two sons) who did the mining, consigned the shot to us. He also paid us for the mining rights. It was a pleasure doing business with Larry.
I talked with Rod Robert recently about the tower he is going to put on the 5-stand clays range. Rod is also the guy who put up the duck tower. He says Rollie Taylor will probably do that on a weekend, and he may need some help. Bill Shields is contributing the chain hoist that will raise and lower the target thrower. In the meantime, the 5-stand works perfectly and offers a challenge to the best of scattergunners.
I hope to see you at the meeting.
Jim Pearson, president, SVSP