Thursday, January 7, 2010

President's Message

Yakima City police and firemen are now members of Sun Valley Shooting Park. They will be doing their training and qualifications at the park, and, since they are members, they may also shoot recreationally. Recently, the Sunnyside Police did their qualifications at the park, and Selah Police are interested in doing the same. Welcome.
We have met my goal of going into the winter with $15,000 in the bank. As you know, our income goes down drastically during the winter.
Our general meeting will be held Tuesday January 12 at Shari's in Union Gap, and members are invited, as always. The meeting begins at 6:30, but several show up at 6:00 to eat. The board of directors will elect officers for 2010 and will also consider a by-law change.
Rangemaster Joe fought valiantly to keep water from coming in the back door to the clubhouse during the recent runoff. In the spring, we will construct a wall or berm of some kind to prevent this threat in the future.
We have 25 pound buckets of reclaimed shot for sale in the clubhouse, but I won't know the price until after the meeting. It is clean, graphited stuff, and is available by size. Larry Morris, the boss of the crew (his two sons) who did the mining, consigned the shot to us. He also paid us for the mining rights. It was a pleasure doing business with Larry.
I talked with Rod Robert recently about the tower he is going to put on the 5-stand clays range. Rod is also the guy who put up the duck tower. He says Rollie Taylor will probably do that on a weekend, and he may need some help. Bill Shields is contributing the chain hoist that will raise and lower the target thrower. In the meantime, the 5-stand works perfectly and offers a challenge to the best of scattergunners.
I hope to see you at the meeting.
Jim Pearson, president, SVSP