Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President's Message

At the January SVSP meeting, the following officers were elected by the board of directors: Jim Pearson, president; Gary Fairbanks, vice-president; Mike Iasella, 2nd vice-president; Shawn Murphy, secretary; Pat Koenig, treasurer; Judy Pearson, assistant secretary.

The Board unanimously readopted the original by-laws as adopted in 1991 and signed by President Eric Borg and Secretary Robert Warren. Those by-laws allow the Board to operate as they are presently; also, it allows every "change" voted in three years ago. The by-laws were amended one time to require a minimum of fifteen directors. That requirement no longer exists, and the Board can operate with a minimum of five and a maximum of fifteen directors. Presently, the Board has ten members.

The President closed the range for one day because of flooding. The roads were virtually impassable and the trap field was underwater. Holly often posts the weather on the calendar (see the blog), but shooters should call her to get winter weather conditions at the range before driving out there. The weather at the range is often quite different from Yakima or other communities nearby. The number is 576-0866.

The President recently completed negotiations with the City of Yakima; the result is this: All Yakima police officers and reserve officers are now members of SVSP. They will also conduct qualifications and practices at the park. Their payment will significantly add to the operating funds of SVSP. Several other police agencies and departments have been qualifying at the range paying daily fees.

Sized and graphited reclaimed shot is on sale at the clubhouse. It was consigned to the park by Larry Morris, the owner of the company that mined the range. Prices, including sales tax, are $22 for members, $26 for non-members.

At the February meeting, Director Mike Iasella correctly pointed out that, although our finances are good for the time being, if it weren't for One-KA($1,000 voluntary memberships) and the shot mining, we would be one or two steps away from broke. Step one would be the large pump going out, and it is due.

Luis Valdez is holding an M-1 Garand match March 13. Register at 9:00; shoot at 10:00. All competitors will need CMP authorization and notarized affidavit. Contact Luis at 249-8922 for more information.

Dennis Martinen and Bill Shields recently renewed their One-KA memberships. Thanks, guys.

A group working on the Pheasants Forever/Eagle Scout pheasant habitat restoration project discovered large chunks of concrete in the draw where they intend to pipe water and plant food and cover plots for the birds. Once the ground dries, we will get equipment in there to remove the concrete and take care of the project. We must also "line" the pond to prevent water loss.

The March 9 meeting will be held at Villa Senor's at 601 Fruitvale Boulevard. We can eat as early as 5:30, but the meeting will start promptly at 6:30. You may also park at Culligan's just west of the restaurant. Everyone attending should order something. I will be absent at the March and April meetings, so Gary Fairbanks will be chairing them.