Thursday, April 29, 2010

President's Message

New to Sun Valley: You may notice a large green spot on the sidehill north of the clubhouse where Pheasants Forever has planted more cover for pheasants. Joe is watering it as well as more cover so eventually the birds can come to water at the pond without ever leaving cover. The pond has been dug out deeply enough to uncover clay, and that's good. Maybe, finally, it will hold water. Also, Mike Iasella will soon install a cardtrol on the skeet range. After a shooter pays his $5.00, he received a card which, after he inserts it in the maching, entitles him to 28 clay birds. It also has a voice-activated system much like the one on the trap field. Those systems allow a shooter to call for his own birds and shoot by himself if he desires.

Contributions: I know it's dangerous because I might overlook someone, but I'm going to start thanking people for contributions, but only recent gifts. I could never begin to thank all those who have contributed in the past. If I miss someone, please tell me. 1) The Mabry's at Bestway Pawn for contributing a VCR and TV. People who are unacquainted with the park need to watch a short film introducing them to the park and its safety requirements. 2) Tim King for furnishing and installing a door in the pump house. 3) Steve Laws for more fertilizer and herbicide. 4) Steve Simon for the labor repairing the front end on our tractor. It's old and tired, but with some TLC, maybe we can make it last a bit longer.

Membership: Our paid membership now stands at approximately 360. I have yet to reach my goal of 400, but it's looking more doable every day.

Police: As you know, the Yakima police are now individual members, and that is working well with only a few minor glitches. Other, smaller departments as well as the Department of Corrections use the range regularly and are interested in becoming members of Sun Valley. Receiving a subtantial amount of money once or twice a year from police agencies better allows us to plan our budget.

Gravel: Vice-President, Gary Fairbanks bought two loads of gravel on the KIT radio auction, and it will be used on the road from the gate to the clubhouse, perhaps even beyond that.

Lease: Sun Valley, with Mike Iasella's help, is completing a 25-year lease with Yakima County for the use of the property.

Savings Accounts: Treasurer Pat Koenig recently opened two CD accounts, one for three months, one for six months. Those accounts will be held in reserve to cover any unforeseen large expenses.

Jim Pearson, president