Thursday, June 10, 2010

President's Report

Rangemaster Joe and his wife Holly have decided to explore other opportunities, and Sunday the 13th of June will be their last day. Joe has been a wonderful groundskeeper, and he's leaving the Park looking beautiful. It was truly a miracle transformation. We will miss Holly's smiling face in the clubhouse, and I have certainly appreciated her dedicated work in keeping up a current membership list. During their tenure, our membership has more than tripled, so I guess I wasn't the only one who appreciated their efforts.

The Suttons' departure means Sun Valley is in the market for a rangemaster who must live in the rangemaster's house on the property. The wage and benefit package is negotiable, depending on the duties performed. For more information, call me at 480-9199 or 965-4387.
Jim Pearson

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tractor Repair

Steve Simon and his right-hand man, Ramon Rivera, are overhauling the tractor. They have torn it down, replaced gaskets, tightened bolts, pounded out and welded fenders, changed the oil in the hydraulics, installed a new and larger hydraulic pump, replaced the seat, and now they are painting it. Rangemaster Joe won't recognize the old tractor when it shows up again at Sun Valley.

Above, Ramon put the dashboard in
place on the Sun Valley tractor that Steve
Simon & Ramon are refurbishing in Steve's shop.

President's Message

Raffle Winners: 1st place, Tony Hauck; 2nd place, Cal Clarr; 3rd place, Jerry Stirely. Ciro DeMarco reminded me I left it out of the last blog. Thanks, Ciro, and thanks to Roger Lamb and the sales crew he put together. They did a terrific job selling tickets.

Pond: The pond is holding water and Pheasants Forever workers have plumbed overflow water down the draw to increase bird cover. Rangemaster Joe tells me he has seen a rooster and a hen pheasant down there already. The heavy rains killed most of the young quail and probably didn't do the pheasants any good, but maybe they will hatch another brood. A mallard drake and hen have taken up homestead on the pond, and I suspect they are nesting there.

Closing time: Closing times at Sun Valley have always been a complicated thing, but no longer. The range officially opens at 10:00 AM and closes at dusk year around. If the gate is open earlier than 10:00 AM, come on in.

Coin op on Skeet Field: Mike Iasella has installed the coin op on the skeet field and it works perfectly. A shooter buys a coin for $5.00, inserts it in the machine, and he has 27 targets coming. It has a voice call, so the shooter pushes the button for the station he wants thrown, and when he calls for the target, it flies. A "puller" is no longer required for skeet shooting.