Sunday, October 31, 2010

President's Message

Thank You:
1. Shields Bag and Printing for the plastic to line the pond. Rangemaster John (RJ) and his helper, Josh Bishop, finished that job October 30 and the pond is filling just in the nick of time because
2. Steve Laws, with RJ's help, will drain and blow the sprinkler lines next week. It's that time of year folks, so
3. Gordon Vorenkamp delivered the apple wood ricked in front of the clubhouse. it's the second year Gordon has done that.
Thanks, guys--thank you very much

Range needs: The rangemaster's house needs a washer, dryer, bedroom set, a microwave oven, and a couple of "easy" chairs to complement the new flooring and tile that are now in place. If you have any of that you're ready to haul away, we hope you will consider giving it to the range.
I gave RJ some leftover paint I had in the garage, and he mixed it with other leftover paint at the range and used it to paint the inside of the house. Inside and out, the house looks better than ever, but we have more buildings that need paint. If you have leftover paint, don't throw it away. Give it to RJ. He will use it somewhere.

New Pump: A new 15 horse pump is in the irrigation well and the system is working fine. It cost in excess of $11,000, but we had the money to pay for it thanks to a board of directors who are committed to keeping the park operating in the black.

Dues Increase: Beginning January 1, family membership will increase to $120. June 1, day fees will increase to $12. The increase will be used to pay good people to maintain the ranges and the clubhouse. Beth, the smiling lady behind the counter in the clubhouse, will gladly extend your membership if you hand her $100. That's one way to beat the $20 increase.

IKA: The rebirth of Sun Valley Shooting Park began several years ago when a few generous individuals took out a voluntary $1000 annual membership. The shooting park had no money and no way to pay bills when these people bailed us out. Many of them have continued to do that every year since, and you will see their names posted on the board in the clubhouse. Would you like your name to also be on the board? Call me at 965-4387 and I will explain how that can happen for as little as $250. I will soon be sending out reminders to IKA members.
Jim Pearson, president, Sun Valley Shooting Park