Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Message

Steve Simon built a badly-needed set of steps to the high skeet house and also installed a door. Thanks, Steve. He, myself, and Bill Fisher plan to shoot skeet Fridays starting at noon, so come join us if you wish. Steve and Bill are both expert skeet shooters and instructors. Rangemaster Josh has pulled trap or skeet for single shooters, but we will soon be in the busy season and he won't have time to do that.

The frozen pipes in the upstairs of the clubhouse have been repaired and water is again running in all the restrooms.

We intend to gravel some of the roads and bids for that job are being accepted.

With the recent increase in membership, procedures that used to work no longer do. We're fumbling our way through the increased usage, so bear with us.

The wind recently damaged the pistol range and can do the same to the rifle targets if they are caught by a wind gust. Josh will be closing the rifle and pistol range during windy conditions, but you can still find a place to shoot in the bays or on the long range. A phone call to the range might be in order on windy days.

We have cleamed and graphited reclaimed shot for sale, and it is good stuff. Check with Beth in the clubhouse.

Matt Petersen, treasurer

Meet Your Directors: You can do that by attending the meetings at Villa Senor's on Fruitvale Avenue at 6:30 every second Tuesday of the month. Several of us come at 5:30 to eat and talk before meeting time. We seldom have visitors, and that's good, in a way. When several members show at one of the meetings, it's usually because they're unhappy about something and I much prefer dealing with happy people. Matt Petersen is one of our newest directors, and his accounting firm has taken over Pat Koenig's job. He was elected to a three year director's term in December.