Sunday, March 20, 2011

President's Message

Raffle Results:
Raffle committee chairman Rodger Lamb and his associates, Buzz Blanchard, Gerald Farnsworth, Phil Lamb, Steve Koenig, Loren Lund, Dusty Rosenthal, Rollie Taylor, Jim Reddick, and Keith Cobain set a new sales record when they sold all three hundred raffle tickets, and Rodger says they can sell more next year. Doug Federspeil chose the youth model .243, Rebecca Rhodes opted for the 7mm magnum, and Joe Headley took the Klickitat River float trip. They also sold four memberships. Good work, guys!

Meet your directors:
Rodger Lamb, above, was elected to a two-year term to the board of directors at the December meeting. He is a big game hunter and a cowboy action shooter.

The board approved graveling the roads at the range, and the bid went to Gene Gamache, the manager of the orchard bordering the shooting park on the south side. Most of the job is complete. As you may know, some of those roads were nearly impassable when wet.

Stairs to high house skeet:
Steve Simon built stairs and installed a door on the skeet range high house. Access to the machine, getting targets to the machine and loading it was an accident waiting to happen. Thanks, Steve. He also has the four-wheeler in his shop repairing it. A dead short was draining the battery quickly. The four-wheeler as well as the small trailer it tows is essential to range operation. You may remember that Mike Murphy donated the Kawasaki some time back.

Plumbing repair:
The broken pipes have been repaired and water is now flowing everywhere it should inside the clubhouse. All restrooms are operating.

Shooting calendar:
Cowboy action shooting 2nd Saturday of each month.
Steel challenge handgun shooting 1st Saturday.
Sporting .22's, 1st Sunday
Informal skeet and trap, Friday noon

Handgun Safety and Shooting Instruction:
Call Beth at the clubhouse (576-0866) for instructor contacts. These classes have been popular.

Wind Damage:
I have told Josh to close down the rifle and pistol range during extremely windy conditions because the wind tears down the targets when they're in the upright position. Diehards may still shoot in the bays or on the long range.

Rolly Heiser's death:
My good friend Rolly Heiser died recently. Rollie has been generous to the range over the years, and he and I have shot ducks, geese, clay targets, and caught fish together for many years. Both the range and I have lost a good friend. RIP