Wednesday, June 15, 2011

President's Message

Eric and Carol Genz-Mould are the new rangemasters. They are both former Washington residents who have a home in Wyoming. Eric is well acquainted with the Yakima/Selah area, and they both claim they're enjoying the park.

As some of you already know, Judy and I have purchased a house in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and we will be moving as soon as we sell our house in Yakima. For that reason, I have resigned as president of the shooting park to concentrate on selling our Yakima house and making the move, so as of last night, Gary Fairbanks is the new president. For the last two and a half years as the range improved and became financially self-sufficient, I've enjoyed accolades out of proportion to what I deserved, because, after all, I was the president during good times. The accolades were sufficient to overcome any of the heat a president of any organization takes at times. As a result, I said "thank you" many times for good things at the park--things I really had not very much to do with. It was a wonderful experience.

PS: If you're looking to buy a large house with lots of storage for rv's & other toys, give us a call at 509-965-4387.